We work in partnership with a small number of Architect firms who are happy to recommend us to their clients. We also refer our clients to the most appropriate firm where they are just embarking on their journey.  


Design Consultants

We work closely with a number of design consulants to deliver the fitment and finish that their clients demand. 


Structural Engineers

The majority of our work involves removing part of the property, underpinning, creating new footings, and extending the property over one or more storeys. Structural engineers are an essential component within the design and build process.


Kitchen Designers

Many of our projects start with the Client thinking about redisigning their kitchen, which then morphs into extending the property to accommodate their ideas, and in some cases, a lot further, through adding rooms and an additional floor. Kitchen designers come to us because they recognise the attention to detail they demand in delivering their clients requirements.


Facilities Managers

On the corporate side, we deal with facilities managers within a single company, or facilities managament companies who manage properties on behalf of their clients. Our services here cover full refits, extending properties, or completely new builds. 


Estate Managers

We work with estate management firms who require consistency, reliablitiy combined with the the ability to hit deadlines. We have worked on full estate refurb projects, as well as smaller projects such as extending car parks, and reworking drain and sewage systems.

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